Finally, A Mortgage Brokerage That Specializes In Commercial, Construction, And Land Loans

And we do much more than simply complete your loan application. Have you ever been the victim of any of these loan application errors?

Applied for a loan before running your credit report and were later surprised by what you found on it?
Given your income documentation to the lender, just knowing it wasn’t going to help you?
Presented your property’s financial information in a way that the lender just didn’t like?
Given your application to the wrong lender for the property type, you were trying to finance?
Were not told the impact of “debt coverage” on “loan to value” and so received a smaller loan than you were expecting?
Weren’t made aware of all your financing options and missed a better loan program?
Worked with someone whom you later discovered had little or no commercial loan or construction loan brokerage experience?

Thankfully, you’ve just reached a place where these commercial and construction loan mistakes are not made:

Excelsion Mortgage

If you’ve been hunting for a source of truly effective resources to help you in your commercial real estate investing, you’ve finally found it! Excelsion Mortgage offers real estate investors much more than stellar advice on loans for commercial real estate or construction projects. We have real tools that can help you quickly build a portfolio of high-cash flow properties.

Here are some of the things that you can do with what we offer:

Stay on top of changes in the investment property world and movements in the capital markets with our award-winning e-zine, the “Investment Property Insider” and weblog with the same name, our constantly updated real estate news resources, and our daily Mortgage Market Commentary.

Make more money with the best commercial real estate loans and construction loans possible for your transaction, which meet or exceed your investment goals, and will help you to conserve your investment funds. We work with both local and national lenders with a wide array of real estate financing solutions designed to help you invest and build better.

Move quickly on new opportunities for real estate investment and construction financing by using our wide range of online and off-line tools for analyzing your loan options.

Experience peace of mind by knowing with certainty that your investment property financing options have been thoroughly researched by a living, breathing commercial loan expert when you use our wide range of quotation forms.

Save money on real estate-related, and even every-day expenses, with our exclusive client, rewards program: The “Excelsion Client Club.” The “Club” offers our clients discounts from major retailers and service providers that aren’t available to the general public! You receive weekly updates on offerings and coupons, delivered directly to your e-mail box. And we’re developing new tools every day to make your real estate investment business easier. Check out more information on

Get started with us today by getting your free report called “The 7 Biggest Loan Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make And How To Avoid Them.” Just fill in your information in the box to the right and your report will be sent to you instantly. Along with your free report, you’ll get a weekly subscription to the “Investment Property Insider,” a newsletter dedicated to helping real estate investors go to the next level. You’ll very quickly see the additional value that Excelsion Mortgage brings to the table in the commercial real estate investment process.

If you’re in the market for a commercial or a construction loan right now, then email us, or complete one of our Property Evaluation forms, available on the left-hand side of the screen.